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repair the world

We believe every child deserves to have a promising future waiting for them. We believe we can and should repair the world of all its human suffering at the hand of injustice and hate. We believe this can only be achieved through positive intentions and actions.


Join us in repairing the world through our Holocaust & Human Rights Educational programs, clubs, and gardens. Share our message and programs with everyone you know. Join our movement today!

*If you are a teacher in a middle school or high school join our free webinar on human rights this June 4th at 2pm. register via email

*If you are a teacher or belong to an organization that would like to help its community repair race or religious relations or secure those bonds - contact us TODAY about our community champions clubs.

Together we can accomplish that which seems impossible.



As the country begins to re-open and resume life, we are acutely aware of the concerns of many parents regarding schools re-opening. We invite you to take our survey so we can best assist you during this time.

Thank you for helping us help you.

Educational Alternatives Survey


Zachor Shoah - to remember with intention or action.


We are Holocaust education experts specializing in bringing the importance of bearing witness through interdisciplinary approaches to teachers and students. 




Beyond the Classroom:

We provide a wide variety of services to schools, teachers, students, religious organizations, and communities. Read more about What We Do and see how we can help you remember the Holocaust with intention and make Never Again more than a hashtag slogan but a reality.


We are Holocaust educators specializing in bringing the importance of bearing witness by actively remembering to teachers and students. 

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