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When I founded Zachor Shoah, I wanted to be sure that the Shoah (Holocaust) was remembered in a very Jewish manner- with Zachor (intentional memory).  I wanted to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust (to promote and defend Democracy, Individuality/Individual Rights, and Respect for Differences/Diversity) were a central part of it without any current events, trends, or politics! To me an integral part of a good Holocaust education program includes an understanding of Antisemitism, of Jewish diversity (we come in a variety of colors, sizes, abilities, nationalities, etc), of Zionism, and an understanding of the roles Democratic Values and Eugenics played in the prevention of genocide and the instigation of genocide. For this reason Zachor Shoah is a Holocaust & Human Rights education organization specializing in bringing the importance of bearing witness through comprehensive interdisciplinary academic endeavors be it lectures, lunch & learns, community outreach, teacher trainings, educator study trips, and our annual symposium.


To have Carolina Simon (Zachor Shoah) come to your school, place of worship, or organization please contact us.

We offer workshops in a variety of formats and topics including Holocaust Remembrance, the Fragility of Democracy, Eugenics, and Tolerance.


Email me if interested in having me speak at your organization or event. -

My Story

I am the great-granddaughter of a "bad-ass" Catalonian Jewish woman. I take great pride in her resolve and fortitude and courage fighting against Fascism in her country during the Spanish Civil War. Her children and grandchildren sadly grew up in a different Fascist country (Argentina), but they too did what they could to bring democracy to their country.

As a scholar of Holocaust & Ethnic Literature and a Holocaust educator I strive to bring the values of a strong democratic society (individualism, respect, diversity) to my audiences along with deeper understandings for the historical  facts of the Holocaust, Antisemitism, and the Converso/Sephardim community.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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