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Climb the
Mt Everest
of pedagogy with us!

Challenge yourself this summer and become a Holocaust & Human Rights subject area expert for grades 6-12.


The Holocaust Teachers of America Symposium is a 3 day intense teacher-created/ teacher-led professional development symposium where participants gain priceless knowledge pertaining to the complex history of Antisemitism, the Holocaust, Imperialism, Colonialism, Nationalism, economics, and democracy as well as the sociopolitical changes that affected the individuals of Europe at this time in history and how to accurately  and appropriately bring these lessons to the 6-12 classroom.

At the core of it al are raw facts, 100% meaningful age-appropriate lessons, and the support of an interdisciplinary team.

We seek to inspire, inform, and involve amazing English, Social Studies, and Creative Arts teachers and provide the foundations for a scholarly community among school educators around Interdisciplinary Holocaust & Human Rights Studies.

The Symposium will take place July 24 to July 27 2023 at the Boxwood Social Hall in Historic Marietta Square, Marietta Georgia.

 For detailed Schedule, List of Speakers & Presenters, and information regarding transportation and accommodations click here





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