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Zachor Shoah - to remember the Holocaust with intention or action.

We are a Holocaust & Human Rights education organization that believes in the  importance of bearing witness through comprehensive interdisciplinary curriculum for teachers and students in grades 6-12. 

We strive to create a community of teachers well versed in the complexity of the history of the Holocaust & Human Rights through intense training, resources, networks, high quality professional development, Academic Symposiums, and advocacy opportunities.




Through our educational programs and projects we strive to help create a world whose young people have the tools necessary to actively participate in a democratic society,  and to combat hatred, Holocaust Denial and Antisemitism in all its forms. 


We provide a variety of services to our community including  annual secondary level scholarly conferences, butterfly gardens, educational outreach, workshops, and community building events. 


We believe we are part of a large human family and as such our community is every community. We work with people from a large list of organizations including public, private, religious and secular; Jewish, Christian, Muslim and Interfaith. 

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