Interdisciplinary Teacher Symposium on the Holocaust Application

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The Annual Symposium on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching the Holocaust Application


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Deadline to Apply is July 15, 2020

Please submit your application electronically to and payment of $250 via the zachor shoah website



*Full Name: ________________________________________________________


Today’s Date: ________________ *Cellular Number: _________________________



* Employer Name/School name:


*School Address:






*Subject (s) Taught: ___________________________________________________

*Are you state certified to teach? (Circle all that apply):

Social science 6-12           ELA 6-12            Art K-12            Humanities K-12    not certified

*How long have you been teaching?

1-5 years             5-10 years         10-15 years    15-20 years          20+ years

*Are you eligible for retirement in the next 5 years?         Yes                 No

*Do you plan to retire or change subject areas in the next 5 years?         Yes                   No

* Do you teach at a school designated as “inner-city”?    Yes       No 

*Do you teach at a school designated as “Rural”?              Yes   No

* Is your school a private school?     Yes            No

* What are the demographics of your school?

___% free and reduced lunch        ___% ESE     ___%ESOL  

  ___% low 25 on state testing in ELA  

Please attach the following to this application. Failure to provide all application components will

result in an incomplete application.       


*A letter of interest on why you want to receive this intensive interdisciplinary Holocaust Teacher training.


*A letter of support from your Principal, on school letterhead, stating that they encourage and support interdisciplinary team teaching and welcome an interdisciplinary Holocaust program to their school. The letter must also indicate that the principal is aware that your existing curriculum will be infused with Holocaust related material throughout the school year but will still meet all common core state standards.


*A letter of recommendation from a colleague or community leader


*A sample lesson plan


*A current resume or CV




*Please read the following statement carefully and sign below:



I _____________________________________ understand that by applying to the Holocaust Teacher Leadership Symposium I am committing to teach the Holocaust in my respective subject of social science, language arts, or art in an interdisciplinary way throughout the school year (2020-2021) with the other subjects mentioned here. I further understand that by applying I am committing to intensive and extensive learning prior to the symposium (materials provided by the symposium) and extensive follow-up support by the symposium leadership to help ensure a smooth interdisciplinary program culminating in a school-wide accessible Holocaust Remembrance event in late Spring 2021. Finally, I understand that by applying and completing the program, I am agreeing to be the Holocaust Interdisciplinary team lead providing guidance and support to my fellow teachers at my school to be able to infuse and teach the Holocaust in an interdisciplinary, meaningful, and age appropriate way with confidence and passion for at least 5 years.



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