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Middle School Holocaust Memorial Butterfly Garden Contest

Open to all public and private middle schools in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

Gardens must provide a natural butterfly habitat for all stages of the Butterfly life cycle.

Gardens must be designed and maintained by a student group or after-school student club.

Gardens must showcase the following:

-Symbolism for life - hope - respect- butterflies

-Character traits of a community champion (courage, compassion, democratic values, moral integrity, leadership, self-sacrifice, tolerance and cooperation)

- Garden design must lend itself easily to student-docent guided tours as well as self-guided tours.

-Educational component telling the story of the Holocaust (especially the Jewish child victims) in an age appropriate manner focused on the Righteous and other "heroes" of the Holocaust and WWII, including Jewish Partisans, and WWII veterans.

-Gardens must include in some manner the poem inspiring these gardens - The Last Butterfly by Pavel Friedmann


-The display of the Community Champion pledge as a permanent non-destructible feature be it a plaque or mural. (sent to all participating schools via email)

Gardens must be new & completed with the above mentioned components by time of entry deadline, but may be expanded upon in the future.

Winning Garden design will be awarded cash and prizes in the amount of $250 to be put towards the garden.  Gardens may be considered: potted, raised bed, in ground, or combination thereof. Gardens may be the work of one class, one teacher, across the curriculum, or school wide efforts.

Entry fee per participating school is $25

Deadline to submit garden entry with photos and video tour is May 1 of each year.

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