Our butterfly gardens are designed to share the story of the Holocaust and honor the Community Champions (the Righteous, the Partisans, and the Veterans from the Allied forces) of the Shoah for children by children.


These gardens are living memorials with educational tours led by student docents. Student docents have completed the Butterfly Ambassador training program. These gardens help children understand the importance and value of being a Community Champion.

If you would like more information about our gardens please contact us at

If you would like to donate a garden named after a loved one please make a donation here. Gardens range in cost depending on location, size, and terrain ($15000 +)

*It is our goal to have 1.5 million living memorials in the form of Holocaust Memorial Butterfly Gardens - one garden for each child murdered in the Holocaust.

           Butterfly Ambassadors

Butterfly Ambassadors are garden docents that have had 100% involvement in creating the garden, training as a docent, and providing on-going tours to members of their community as well as training the next generation of docents for their garden. They also provide beautification efforts with the ideals of the garden one butterfly at a time.