Welcome to the COVID-19 Community Champions Page

Many of you may be feeling overwhelmed by watching the news all day long, filled with worry over your health and that of your loved ones. Many of you may be feeling antsy, wanting to do your part to help but not sure how to do so. We have some suggestions here. We hope it helps. Remember We are each other's keepers and We will leave it better than we found it.

*If you know how to sew - JoAnn Fabrics is providing Mask Kits. One kit makes 10 medical face masks.

*Something as simple as ordering Takeout for lunch or dinner (directly through the restaurant) can help keep them in business.

*If you are a teenager: Host a zoom book reading for little kids or play a (zoom) virtual card game with your grandparents or someone in a nursing home (call ahead and make sure they have playing cards)

*If you have little ones at home: make Thank you cards for doctors, nurses, pharmacies, supermarkets, and anyone else involved in getting through this time.