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                                                                                    Travel for Teachers

When you travel with us you become a Zachor Shoah Scholar. That is because traveling with us is no walk in the park. Its more of a marathon...towards deep understanding of ourselves, our students, pedagogy, and of course the Holocaust.

Zachor Shoah Scholars are an elite group of secondary school teachers, community leaders, and concerned parents who have dedicated a significant portion of their lives towards guiding students towards creating caring communities grounded in democratic values and to bearing witness to history's "ugliness" while striving to keep the memory of the victims alive. These are adults who believe that every person has a purpose and a gift and believe that when teaching these topics utilizing interdisciplinary approaches provide the best outcome for their students.

Our travel programs consist of 14 days of intense emergence with the history and culture of each city and town we visit, eat local cuisine, and spend days reading, discussing, visiting, and engaging with the subject and each other.

Our next Travel opportunity for teachers is Summer 2025. This summer we will be looking at The Holocaust in France, the Rescue and Resistance there, as well as the Jewish community of France and its protectorate - Morocco. We know our travel programs take you away from your well-earned and deserved summer breaks and for that reason we take great pride in ensuring that your time with us will be enjoyable, as well as educational. For these reasons we start planning our trips a year or more in advance. Please reserve your spot asap!


If you are interested in our travel programs, please contact us today! We only travel with 25 teachers at a time and close our registration April 30 of each year.

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