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                                                                 Teaching is a Team Sport

As teachers we know exactly what teachers need, want, and value. That's why our programs are student-centered, interactive, age-appropriate, and most importantly interdisciplinary.  We know that students learn best when they are engaged and when they can apply what they learned we know they will remember that lesson for a lifetime. 


                        All our programs have been teacher tested and student approved!

We offer teachers and schools the following services:

-Comprehensive Holocaust History Textbook for grades 8-10 (with teacher's edition)

-Elective courses or After-School Clubs (History Club, Community Champions, Book Clubs, Movie Nights, Peace Round-tables)

-Teacher retreats

-student retreats

-European study trips for teachers as professional development

-European study trips for students and families

-Annual Holocaust Teacher Leadership Symposium (Register today!)

                                - Submit an application today!


For more information on any of these services or for a personalized program contact us today!


We are Holocaust education experts specializing in bringing the importance of bearing witness by actively remembering to teachers and students. 


8925 SW 148 Street Suite #218 

Miami Florida 33176

Phone: 954-673-8489


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