Be A  Community Champion

A better world starts with me. That is why our programs are rooted in 5 guiding principles that help build a strong personal moral compass guiding each individual towards building stronger communities, so each of us can be the change they want to see in the world:


I will do nothing to harm myself or others

I take pride in myself & in my work

We are each other's keepers

I am responsible for my behavior

I will leave it better than I found it.


Our programs are applicable and available to all community organizations regardless of religious denomination, political beliefs, or location. Whether your community is 5 miles away from us or across an ocean, we want to help you bring our programs and our passions to your neighbors and loved ones and together create a world with compassion, kindness, respect, and civility.

We offer community organizations, churches, synagogues, mosques, schools and colleges the following:

-Community Champion Clubs :


            Clubs can consist of adults, students ages 13-18  or inter-generational. *Not to be confused with our individual Community Champion membership level (see our plans and pricing page).


       Our clubs allow its members to sprinkle kindness and beauty throughout their communities.

               Participate in Inter-generational book clubs : Meet once a month and discuss books             about  the Holocaust, Civil Rights, and other  inspiring moments from history helping to shape character and community.

Hold family movie nights : for families of kids 13 and older with round table discussions

               Have annual retreats : for club members to grow towards and affirm together their   commitment for compassion, civility, and kindness.

-Study trips for members

-Lecture series

-Speaking engagements : have Carolina Simon speak at your organization

 * Community Champion Clubs are different from our Community Champion Membership level. To start a club you need a minimum of 8 active participants.

For more information on the Community Champions Club contact us today and request a brochure!




We are Holocaust educators specializing in bringing the importance of bearing witness by actively remembering to teachers and students. 

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