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Our Annual Plan 2022-2023

Annual Proposed Programming :


-Arts & Culture Programming


Kristallnacht commemoration & Holocaust Education Week:

Film "festival" at local synagogues with special invites for rural & inner-city students & teachers. Different synagogues to reach larger audiences.

-International Holocaust Remembrance Day (January):

Teacher-Talk: Q & A over lunch with rural and inner-city teachers regarding their Holocaust education needs.


- Humanity's history through the Arts: featured performance open to the public at a reduced rate. ( symphony, ballet, opera, etc focused on the Holocaust or Jewish history.


Community-Building Events: bridge cultures through fun cultural activities such as baking, festivals, and games.


- Teacher Training


Holocaust Teachers of America Symposium. 30-100 ppl max. Approx.


-Teacher Summer Travel: trip to Germany, Prague, Poland for middle school and high school teachers in the USA & Canada.


- Holocaust Memorial Butterfly Gardens: 10 gardens a year goal.

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