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Comprehensive Holocaust Education Now!

Sign the petition today!

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Demand comprehensive Holocaust Education Now!

Tell your school district to bring the Zachor Shoah Holocaust & Human Rights education program to their high schools or 8th grade!

It is the only program with a comprehensive textbook written specifically for students in grades 8-12 AND that not only aligns with common core state standards, existing state specific standards and with Florida's new Holocaust standards. If fact we align with these standards and exceed them!

A proper study of the Holocaust is not just about the history of Antisemitism and the world's greatest genocide, but of how the US constitution and democratic ideals preserve individual rights and prevent genocide.

Young people need these lessons now more than ever!

What is comprehensive Holocaust & Human Rights Education

I, the undersigned, want Comprehensive Holocaust Education, as defined by Zachor Shoah's program, in schools now!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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