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All donations regardless of amount help us bring much needed programming to areas that have never heard of the Holocaust, and in many cases never met a Jewish person.


We bring Comprehensive Holocaust Education to teachers & students. 


We are a Georgia based 501c3. EIN # 88-2197404


Only you can help us do this work.  Please consider a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you

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Adopt a Classroom

Zachor Shoah Inc is a 100% volunteer run organization focused on bringing the lessons of the Holocaust to undeserved communities throughout the metro-Atlanta area, Appalachia,  and across the Americas.

Please help us help teachers and students in under-served communities receive the powerful and transformative experience of comprehensive Holocaust education. All donations are tax-deductible.

To adopt a classroom

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Do you have a skill set that could help us grow?

Are you a social media queen or a grant writing guru? Maybe you are great at making calls for a cause?

Whatever your skill set, we likely need help in that area.

If you would like to volunteer your services, skills, or give a gift-in-kind


If you are a first or second generation Holocaust survivor and would like to share your story with the next generation?


Please contact us about joining our team of volunteers or our speakers group. 

please contact us at

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