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                                                                       Travel for Community Groups


Our travel programs for community groups are rooted in two concepts. One is L'dor V'dor (Hebrew for from generation to generation) the Jewish ideal that each generation teaches and learns from each other their stories, history, traditions. The other is the idea that once we hear a witness, we become their witness.

With these two concepts we planted the seed of our travel programs for community groups with the intention that the groups would share with each other, learn from each other, and become each other's witnesses to the history, tradition, and people they encounter on the journey.

Our travel groups are relatively small (no more than 25 people at a time) and we stay in the heart of Jewish quarters in each city or town we visit whenever possible. We learn, whenever possible, about local traditions, songs, and art all while enjoying local food.

Of course, our programs center on Jewish life, culture, and the Holocaust so these trips are for adults only. Visiting Holocaust sites can be highly emotional. This can help create strong communal bonds between people.

We think these trips are ideal for:

Jewish Sisterhoods - learn how Jewish women lived and survived in places like Bergen-Belsen and the role sisterhood played in survival.

Jewish Brotherhoods - learn how Jewish men lived and survived in places like Auschwitz and the role Judaism, Torah, and community played in survival.

Interfaith groups - learn how the Righteous of Europe in places like Denmark resisted fear and saved their Jewish neighbors.

If you are interested in our travel programs for students, families, and community groups contact us today.

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