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Sponsor A Teacher:
help repair the world!

Sponsor a teacher for in depth  interdisciplinary professional development in Holocaust Studies


Join us and invest in the future of Holocaust and Human Rights Education. Sponsor A Teacher for Professional Development in Holocaust Studies. A teacher's influence should not be underestimated. One teacher will reach a minimum of 3000 students throughout their career. Your investment will provide a teacher with the training and expertise necessary to properly instruct students in this complex and challenging subject. Not only will they gain an in depth understanding of the Holocaust, they will also learn how to recognize the Seeds of Hate and pass that knowledge onto their students. Teachers are the tools of the future to standing up against Antisemitism and hate.

Sponsors receive:

Recognition as an Adopt a Teacher Sponsor on all Break-Out Session materials, 1 promo items to be included in the Teacher attendee Tote,logo displayed on Teacher Totes and 2  tickets to the Welcome Dinner on July 24th and the symposium itself at The Avalon Hotel in Alpharetta GA

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